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Coastal Maritime System

Sea area A1

An area within the radiotelephone coverage of at least one VHF coast station in which continuous digital selective calling (Ch.70/156.525 MHz) alerting and radiotelephony services are available. Such an area could extend typically 30 to 40 nautical miles (56 to 74 km) from the Coast Station.

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Sea area A2

An area within a coverage of at least one coast station continuous listening on MF (2187.5 kHz) other than Area A1.

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Navtex is an international, automated system for instantly distributing maritime safety information (MSI) which includes navigational warnings, weather forecasts and weather warnings, search and rescue notices and similar information to ships.

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Coastal Integrated GMDSS & NAVTEX system included:
  • Coastal GMDSS system sea area A1 KENTA-GMDSS A1,
  • Coastal GMDSS system sea area A2 KENTA-GMDSS A2,
  • Coastal NAVTEX system KENTA-NAVTEX.

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Maritime Traffic Management


The MARITIMECONTROL™ VTMIS is a proven solution for Vessel Traffic Services for a wide range of systems. Easily scalable from single radar, single display solutions to multiple traffic centres with extensive radar and AIS networks at national levels.

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The CoastWatch Coastal Surveillance Network (CoastWatch/CSN) is a maritime monitoring and control system, designed for multiple applications. It combines modern technology with years of experience in sensor data fusion, advanced signal processing and real-time distributed surveillance.

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R40 Base Station

The R40 Base Station from Saab is the main component of a Physical AIS Shore Station as defined by IALA. Its main purpose is to receive data from and transmit data to AIS equipped vessels, travelling within the coverage area of the Base Station.

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Port Management & Security Solutions

PORTCONTROL™ port management information system

The PORTCONTROL™ port management information system (PMIS) is a modular, configurable software solution that incorporates industry best practices from ports around the world. It makes ports more efficient by automating workflows and seamlessly linking port activity data with financial operations to generate faster and more accurate billing.

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PILOTCONTROL™ Pilotage Management System

PILOTCONTROL™ is an enterprise software created for pilots, and gives pilots mobile access to the timely, accurate information they need to do their jobs. It helps Pilotages improve the efficiency of their pilot dispatching function and manage pilot rotation, activities, schedules and status.

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SAFE security management system

SAFE – providing one solution to all your Port Security challenges.

The global movement of people has increased over the last years and there are no sign of this development to slow down. This greatly affects infrastructure, bringing about the need of new and improved security systems.

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Vessel Equipment


Marine Radars with ARPA,  AIS & VDR/S-VDR interface.
  • Marine Radars fully meet the latest performance standards of IMO and IEC for all ships.
  • They are designed to meet the demands of today’s maritime industry.

From Furuno & Koden.

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Complies with the IMO performance standards for VDR and S-VDR

  • Data storing for 48 hours both in fixed and float-free recording medium
  • Data storing for 30 days/720 hours in SSD in the Data Collecting Unit
  • No.1, 2 Radar and main ECDIS display images can be stored
  • Images from Marine Radars can be stored simultaneously through Ethernet without optional SSD.
  • Radar and ECDIS images can be recorded at 15-second intervals.
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Electronic Chart Display and Information System

Fully complying with the performance standard of ECDIS stipulated in IMO resolution MSC.232(82) for all ships.

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GPS Navigator
  • Ideal position sensor for Radar, AIS, ECDIS, autopilot, echo sounder and other navigation and communications equipment.
  • Full compliance with IMO MSC. 112 (73) and IEC 61108-1: performance and testing standards for GPS receiver.
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Magnetic Compass is a binnacle for sea going commercial vessels.

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AIS Transponder system

Automatic Identification System (AIS) on board a vessel.  It is easy to install and operate and has a variety of interfaces for connection to other systems.

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MSDS-2008, echo sounder with a 10.4 inch, high resolution graphic LCD, continuously shows echo graphics on the LCD along with complete navigational details.
External connectors are provided for printer, and NMEA in/output.

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Doppler Speed log model MSDS-99

Doppler log is an instrument, used in ships, to measure ship’s relative speed with water (in which it is travelling) by the use of Doppler effects on transmitted/reflected sound waves.

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Automatic Weather Station MSAM-706D

A complete communication and data monitoring solution, including sensor, electronics, mast, and power supply – everything you need to start collecting accurate and reliable weather measurements.

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Electronic Inclinometer model MSIM330

Electronic inclinometer MSIM330 is a device to measure ship hull posture, including roll actual angle, roll period, roll amplitude, pitch actual angle, pitch period, pitch amplitude, date, time, longitude and latitude, and send them to VDR.

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Marine VHF Radiotelephone, 25W

Full GMDSS-compliant VHF radiotelephone with Class-A DSC facility and CH70 watch receiver
Meets the new ITU recommendation on digital selective calling system for use in the Maritime Mobile Service, ITU-R M.493-14.

From Furuno, Cobham(Sailor) & Samyung.

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Marine MF/HF Radiotelephone, 150/250/500W

Reliable MF/HF Radiotelephone for general and distress communications with integrated DSC/DSC Watch Receiver
Meets the new ITU recommendation on digital selective calling system for use in the Maritime Mobile Service, ITU-R M.493-14.

From Furuno, Cobham(Sailor) & Samyung.

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Two-way VHF radio telephone

• Compliant with ITU-R, IMO Regulation
• ITU. USA, CANADA Channel Available
• Weather Channel Available
• Memory Scanning Function
• Dual Scanning Function
• Waterproof at 1m Depth for 5 Minutes
• Long Life Lithium & NiMH Battery
• Power Saving Functions
• Easy Operation with a Hand in Glove

From Cobham(Sailor) & Samyung.

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EPIRB complies with CCIR, RTCM, COSPAS-SARSAT and GMDSS performance standards of
IMO with transmitting frequencies of 406MHz/121.5MHz.
EPIRB receives GPS information and it transmits more accurate distress position than the EPIRB
without GPS. This makes RCC(Rescue Coordination Center) perform prompt search & rescue operation.

From Cobham(Sailor) & Samyung.

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Inmarsat-C Mobile Earth Station
  • Inmarsat-C Mobile Earth Station terminal for GMDSS application
  • Full GMDSS compliance with optional printer and AC/DC power supply
  • SSAS capability with optional SSAS alert units
  • Compatibility with LRIT application
  • A wide variety of communication schemes available: telex, FAX, emailing, EGC, Data reporting/polling, etc.

From Furuno &  Cobham(Sailor).

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NAVTEX receiver (with/without printer)

Enhances the navigation efficiency and safety by watching NAVTEX messages broadcasted on both international and local channels.
The NAVTEX receiver can receive the international NAVTEX messages as well as domestic or local NAVTEX messages at the same time.

From Furuno, Cobham(Sailor) & Samyung.

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Radar SART

• Complied with related IMO/GMDSS requirements
• Designed for reliable operation in the roughest of marine evironments
• Lightweight and rugged construction is suitable for placing at liferafts.
• Complete set with a liferaft mounting kit
• Efficiently assisting ship or survival craft rescue operations

From Cobham(Sailor) & Samyung.

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• Compliant with IMO standards
• Detachable from life raft or rescue buoy
• Waterproof to 10m
• Operated automatically or manually
• Minimum 96 hours operation
• Battery life : 5 years
• Automatic transmitting of Distress location within 1 minute
• Indicates operation by LED and buzzer

From Cobham(Sailor) & Samyung.

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FleetBroadband offers the data communication services with both shared bandwidth (Standard IP of up to 432 kbps) and dedicated data rate (Streaming IP of up to 256 kbps). On top of that, the users can make use of ISDN data service* as well as FAX communication.

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Other Vessel Equipment

Public address system

• Flexibility in choice of output power.

• Reliable and durable performance as various function and protection circuitry are mounted in the power amplifier.

• Simple installation and easy maintenance.

• Convenient control for priority change or interface contact change with microprocessor.

• Automatic changeover for main/emergency power supply.

• Various interface are available.(option)

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Marine VHF portable radio (Walkie-Talkie)

• IP-67 Dustproof and Waterproof
• Float & Vibration Draining
• Weather Channel
• Auto Back light
• Power Indicator
• Auto Scan
• Button Lock Indicator
• Dual/Tri-watch

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  • Fastest data rates available
  • Easer and less expensive to install and maintain
  • Dynamic, gyro-stabilized tracking and military grade quality for outstanding performance
    and outstanding coverage in the world
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