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COM100 AIS Receiver Bundle with AV30 Antenna


This AIS bundle includes the COM100 AIS Receiver Bundle with AV30 Antenna OEM AIS receiver, alongside the AV20 AIS Antenna. This package is an ideal all-in-one AIS receiver solution for UAV’s and Drones.

The COM100 AIS Receiver Bundle with AV30 Antenna OEM AIS Receiver is a dual channel parallel synthesised AIS receiver in a small footprint PCB module suitable for integration into customer equipment. It provides NMEA 0183 serial data output with USB and Ethernet connection options. This lightweight unit is ideal for deployment in remote situations, where space, weight and reliability are critical factors.

The COM100 AIS Receiver Bundle with AV30 Antenna OEM AIS Receiver has been specifically designed for use by system integrators in the professional market and uses Comar’s well proven high sensitivity dual channel parallel receiver.

AV20 Features:

The AV30 is a lightweight, compact antenna with a polycarbonate body and rubber coated helical whip section, resulting in low windage and ideal for use with the COM100 series AIS receiver.

The antenna is specifically tuned to the AIS band with the Helical matched via a tuning circuit in the base, to allow the antenna to work independently of any ground plane. The epoxy sealed top and bottom ensures watertightness in all weather conditions.

The AV30 is supplied with a right angle bracket, cable and an SO-239 in the base for cable connection.

  • Industry Grade Dual Channel AIS Receiver (OEM)
  • Space saving, lightweight design
  • Ideal for remote mobile monitoring of sea traffic
  • Suitable for integrating into customer equipment
  • Provides NMEA 0183 AIS vessel data
  • NMEA 0183 output screw terminals
  • Optional Ethernet and USB ports for local monitoring (FTDI VCP emulation)

AV30 Features:

  • Omnidirectional
  • Ideal for UAVs
  • Designed for AIS
  • Rugged rubber overmould construction
  • Lightweight with low windage
  • Supplied with bracket and cable
  • Watertight
  • Managing sea traffic in remote locations
  • Locating and tracking ships in remote areas
  • Monitoring fishing zones
  • Assisting in Search and Rescue operations

COM100 Variants:
COM100/N – with Ethernet Network Connectivity
COM100/U – with USB Connectivity
COM100/NU – with Ethernet Network and USB Connectivity

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