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Costal Surveillance Network


The CoastWatch Coastal Surveillance Network (CoastWatch/CSN) is a maritime monitoring and control system, designed for multiple applications. It combines modern technology with years of experience in sensor data fusion, advanced signal processing and real-time distributed surveillance. More than 30 of these systems are operational, including the largest AIS network in the world. CoastWatch/CSN provides a robust, scalable and highly adaptable network system that supports multi-layered system design.

Coastwatch will fill an important role of surveillance of coastal areas from air, land and sea for nations around the world that face threats such as illegal immigration and fishing, smuggling, environmental pollutions etc.
CostWatch include state of the art sensors such as Radars, AIS/Secure AIS, CCTV etc. together with highly advanced software applications which collect, distribute and display the obtained maritime situational information.

The CoastWatch system is a network centric application, all sensors are network enabled and TCP/IP capable, which simplifies integration of new customer specific sensors.

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TactiCall maritime communication solution

With TactiCall MCS Saab applies already proven integrated communication technology to the coastal radio domain thereby optimizing, modernizing and future-proofing already existing mission critical coastal radio systems.

The solution comprises a fully IP based radio system which can be configured to support the needs and workflows connected to any type of coastline. TactiCall MCS integrates systems such as GMDSS, incident management, VTS, SAR operations, radio sites etc. into one effortless manageable platform – scalable and modular to be able to fit any type of operational environment.

Being completely software based the system is designed for seamless voice and data communication spanning all of today’s technologies. The fault tolerant and secure design still adheres to open standards, and is even capable of operating entirely on commercial-off-the-shelf hardware.

TactiCall MCS can be offered as a packaged software product – integrating already existing systems and hardware or be scaled to include everything from microphone to antenna, making up a new futureproof coastal radio solution with Saab taking the role of lead system integrator.


  • Utilizing proven safety critical communication technology
  • Scalable, failsafe and redundant system architecture
  • Supporting both centralized and de-centralized control rooms
  • Designed according to relevant ITU, IALA and IMO standards
  • Integrates commercial-off-the shelf hardware
  • Cost efficient allowing re-use of existing radios and low maintenance
  • User friendly intuitive HMI
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R5 RIC – Radar Interface Computer

The R5 RIC Radar Interface Computer features cutting edge signal acquisition and processing for high resolution digital radar video. The platform has flexible interfaces so radars from a variety of manufactures can be used with the R5 RIC Radar Interface Computer.

The new R5 RIC Radar Interface Computer is a result of our on-going efforts to enhance all our products and stay in the forefront of technology. Digitized radar video is delivered through standards compliant UDP/IP Ethernet at speeds up to 1 Gbit/s. The R5 RIC can easily be remote controlled and monitored over Ethernet or RS232. Software for easy configuration and monitoring is delivered with the product.

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