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PILOTCONTROL™ Pilotage Management System

PILOTCONTROL™ is an enterprise software created for pilots, and gives pilots mobile access to the timely, accurate information they need to do their jobs. It helps Pilotages improve the efficiency of their pilot dispatching function and manage pilot rotation, activities, schedules and status. Agents, ports and other stakeholders can access the information they need through a secure web interface. The integrated billing module provides timely, accurate invoicing for pilotage services, improving cash flow and revenue generation.

Maritime pilots are essential to the safe passage of shipping traffic in coastal areas and inland waterways. Every day, pilots deal with situations involving safety, security, environmental awareness and commercial concerns. The timely arrival of pilots on board vessels is a mission critical necessity in dealing with these issues and maintaining supply chain efficiency. The right Pilotage Management System can have a significant positive impact on daily pilotage operations by giving users the information, notifications and analysis they need, when they need it.

Saab has been developing Pilotage solutions for over 30 years. PILOTCONTROL was created using industry best practices and is continually upgraded based upon customer feedback, industry trends and technological advancements. PILOTCONTROL combines the robust technical infrastructure of a product with the flexibility of a custom solution, allowing it to meet the needs of any Pilotage. Whether your rotations are simple or complex, PILOTCONTROL is a fit for your organization.


PILOTCONTROL is a modular software solution with essential tools for pilotage operations. It automates your business operations and scheduling processes and seamlessly integrates them with financial operations. That, coupled with extensive market knowledge and technical expertise, ensures that the best possible solution is implemented in your Pilotage on time, on budget and meets your unique needs. Click on the different modules for a quick overview.

Reduce your data entry time, deal with conflict resolutions up front saving time and effort later on and ensure the right pilot is dispatched to the right job.

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Speed up your billing process with automatic invoice generation based on your tariffs and rules. Tariffs are easy to update, complex tariffs are automatically handled reducing billing errors and calculation time, and all invoicing is automatic.

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Gives your Pilots mobile access to the information they need on the go. Pilot delays are reduced and the billing process is accelerated.

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These system tools let you control user privileges, security, operational workflow, interfaces to 3rd party systems and the reporting and messaging functions of the system.

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