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Underwater Pipeline Protection Solution

Marcom Underwater Pipeline/Cable Surveillance and Protection Solution

Underwater Pipeline/Cable Surveillance and Protection Solution is based on the Marcom AIS Server and Marcom Web VTS products and provides an affordable system for monitoring marine traffic around underwater oil/gas pipelines and power lines.

Solution Highlights:

  • Automated monitoring of pipeline and cable routes using ship AIS position reports,
  • User defined alarms for different conditions,
  • Fast and simple zone creation using geographical coordinates of pipelines or cables,
  • Sending safety messages to AIS equipped ships,
  • Sending emails and SMS alerts to any authorities,
  • Receiving messages from AIS equipped ships,
  • Unlimited ship movement history,
  • Accident investigation support (unlimited history replay function),
  • Creating sophisticated reports regarding movement of AIS equipped ships around pipelines and cables,
  • Supports S57 and S63 nautical charts, Open Street, Bing and Google maps.