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Underwater Pipeline/Cable Surveillance and Protection solution

Underwater Pipeline/Cable Surveillance and Protection Solution is based on the Marcom AIS Server and Marcom Web VTS products and provides an affordable system for monitoring marine traffic around underwater oil/gas pipelines and power lines.

Solution Highlights:

  • Automated monitoring of pipeline and cable routes using ship AIS position reports,
  • User defined alarms for different conditions,
  • Fast and simple zone creation using geographical coordinates of pipelines or cables,
  • Sending safety messages to AIS equipped ships,
  • Sending emails and SMS alerts to any authorities,
  • Receiving messages from AIS equipped ships,
  • Unlimited ship movement history,
  • Accident investigation support (unlimited history replay function),
  • Creating sophisticated reports regarding movement of AIS equipped ships around pipelines and cables,
  • Supports S57 and S63 nautical charts, Open Street, Bing and Google maps.
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SAFE Security Management System

SAFE – providing one solution to all your Port Security challenges.

The global movement of people has increased over the last years and there are no sign of this development to slow down. This greatly affects infrastructure, bringing about the need of new and improved security systems.

Saab Security and Safety Management is offering you a solution that will improve workflows and create more efficient processes while increasing security and safety.

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